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A Comprehensive Review of the Black & DeckerLawn Mower

Keep your lawn in optimal condition with the Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB Lawn Mower. Equipped with 2 powerful 36 volt Lithium-ion batteries, a robust 38 cm cutting deck and high torque, this easy-to-use, cordless lawn mower guarantees you a high quality cut in all grass types and conditions (long, short, damp etc.). You can use it to effortlessly mow up to 600m2 of lawn without worrying about inconvenient and messy extension cables. It comes with 6 easily adjustable heights ranging from 30 to 80mm to make sure you get the perfect cut irrespective of the height or type of grass in your yard or lawn. It also has a 2-year warranty on parts and labour. Find out if this Black & Decker Lawn Mower is worth your money in this in-depth review. We certainly think it is one of the best lawn mowers on the market at the minute.



38 cm Cutting Deck

CLM3820L2-GB lawn mower is equipped with a 38 cm cutting deck, which provides a great balance of maneuverability and cutting performance, making it ideal for homeowners with medium-sized lawns and yards.

35 Litre Capacity Grass Collection Box

The mower also boasts a large, sturdy 35 litre capacity grass collection bin, which eliminates the need for frequent emptying so that you can concentrate more on your work. There’s also a handy grass fill indicator to let you know once the bin is full.

6 Height Settings

Finding the right height for your lawn mower is key to having a clean, neat and level cut. Luckily, this Black & Decker Lawn Mower comes with 6 different cutting heights to choose from ranging from 30 mm – 80 mm. Setting the mower to your preferred height is fast and easy using the included one touch adjustment lever.

Large Rear Wheels

Cutting grass in hard to reach areas is made easy when using this lawn mower, thanks to its low profile nose design and large and sturdy rear wheels. The large wheels improve maneuverability in bumps and rough terrain.

Safe-Start Mechanism

Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB is also equipped with a two-handed, safe-start mechanism to help prevent accidental starting. The mower will turn off immediately you let go of the safe-start switch.

Integrated Carry Handle

The machine has an integrated carry handle, which makes it easy and safe to lift to and from the shed/garage, as well as within the lawn. The mower also comes with handle clips that make it retractable for compact and easy storage.

Lithium Ion Batteries

The included 2 powerful Lithium-ion batteries get the job done quickly and effortlessly in all types of grass. Many customers have happily reported mowing their lawns for up to 30 minutes with just one battery, while the other is charging. With 2 batteries, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power before finishing your job.


High-Quality Cutting

The mower is able to cut grass of all types and conditions fast and efficiently, thanks to its large cutting deck, powerful batteries and high torque. More torque on the blades and less passes, ensure that all grass get the same treatment, resulting in a neat and level lawn.

Super Easy To Use

Everything about this lawn mower is straightforward, making it very simple to use for most people. For instance, the integrated carry handle makes it easy to carry around, while the large rear wheels and low profile nose design improve maneuverability in rough terrain. Adjusting the mower to your desired height is also a breeze through the included one touch single lever.


CLM3820L2-GB is also very quiet during operation, which means you can mow any time without worrying about disturbing the peace of your family or neighbours.

Saves Time

The fact that this mower is cordless means you don’t have to waste a lot of time adjusting the extension cord to avoid getting entangled, or disconnected as in the case of corded lawn mowers.


The only minor issue with this lawn mower is the fact that it’s somehow heavy, which makes it a little bit difficult to get around tight corners and other hard to reach places.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Despite the minor maneuverability problem, most users are pleased with this lawn mower, especially its excellent performance, safe and compact design, and the fact that you can mow freely without being restricted by a cord length. This is best proven by the 4.6 out of 5 rating and 23 customer reviews (mostly positive) it has received from Amazon as at the time of this review.

Overall, Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB is a great investment if you are looking for a cordless lawn mower that is efficient, reasonably priced, easy to use and lasts long. Read reviews of all the best lawn mowers at