Training The Mind

WHD originated from the mind world. So, it is important to understand our mind world and mind power, as this is the eternal world and impacts our daily life and outcome.

A long time ago, I asked Great Grandmaster Han a question. “What can I do if someone in front of me is attempting to shoot me with a gun?”

He answered

“Change his mind.”

At that moment, I realized that we are actually able to use our mind power to change someone’s mind.

I remember when I was training in Korea years ago, visualization was my main method to practice WHD. There were many people in the WHD centre. We were busy so it was very hard for all of us to come together for actual training.

So, what we did was to use visualization in our own time. While meditating, I would focus and visualize myself in my mind training as if in the dojang with others. I could vividly see and feel the movements as real.

I realized that whatever I visualize in my mind had the same effect as the real physical training.

I was fascinated by this. I remember that I was in my car waiting for somebody one day. I was bored so I visualized myself fighting with 20 opponents in my mind. After a while, I was sweating.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know whether something is real or imagined. Whatever we imagine and visualize is observed as a real happening in our subconscious mind and our body responds accordingly.

A scientific experiment was undertaking of athletes who were asked to visualize the race in detail. The electrical output of their muscles measured the same as if they had physically run the race. This opens up a whole new paradigm in thinking.

Therefore, you can actually train WHD at any time at any place in your mind through this powerful visualization.

I have been developing some meditations to enhance the ability to visualize, and to strengthen our mind power. They will be available to buy in the products page, if that is something that you are interested in.